Fish Diversity of the Mekong River Basin

The Mekong River is one of the largest rivers in the world and the 7th longest in Asia, spanning through six countries (China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam). Around 890 freshwater fish species have been recorded from the Mekong River, and an estimated 1,200 are thought to inhabit the river, making it one of the richest ichthyofaunal basins in the world. Although the Mekong River is 2nd in species richness to the Amazon River in South America, it is the most species-rich river per hectare in the world. The goal of this symposium is to report on this vast diversity found in the Mekong River by disseminating research on taxonomic and phylogenetic investigations, species inventories from the several countries the Mekong River passes through, faunal change between the upper and lower regions of the Mekong River, and management of commercially important species.

Prospective speakers:

1. Dr. Larry M. Page, Florida Museum of Natural History (USA)
2. Dr. Makoto Komoda, Nagao Natural Environment Foundation (Japan)
3. Dr. Kenzo Utsugi, Nagao Natural Environment Foundation (Japan)
4. Dr. Chaiwut Grudpan, Ubonrachatani University (Thailand)
5. Dr. Apinun Suvarnaraksha, Maejo University (Thailand)
6. Dr. Dinh Tran Dac, Can Tho University (Vietnam)
7. Mr. Bounthob Praxaysombath, National University of Laos (Laos)
8. Dr. So Nam, Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute (Cambodia)

Sponsor: Nagao Natural Environment Foundation (NEF)