Presenter information

Regular presentations will be organized in the following 6 sections and one specific symposium:

Session 1: Diversity, Taxonomy and Systematics
Session 2: Ecology, Life History, Fisheries, and Conservation
Session 3: Molecular biology and Physiology
Session 4: Ichthyology Society of Taiwan (IST) presentations (in Chinese)
Session 5: Evolution and Biogeography
Session 6: Symposium of Fish Diversity of the Mekong River System
Session 7: Genomics and Population genetic
Conference language is English (all PowerPoint file and poster need to be in English); Chinese presentation is only available in the Session 4: IST presentations

Oral Presentation

  • Keynote speech will be 30 minutes, general oral presentation will be 15 minutes, and invited speech will be 20 minutes including questions.
  • PowerPoint needs to be uploaded to the conference computer in advance.


Poster size should be Vertical (Length 160cm* Width 90cm). Posters placing will be the first day of the meeting (May 19, 2016).

Poster with a fast presentation

Short 5 min talks for some posters will be presented in the conference room, followed by a maximum of one question (1 min max.) if necessary. Please prepare slides for 5 min talks.